GoVenture FINANCIAL LITERACY simulation ONLINE Subscription 6-months
GoVenture FINANCIAL LITERACY simulation ONLINE Subscription 6-months
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GoVenture Financial Literacy simulation is a realistic software simulation designed to help youth and adults learn about personal money-management decisions in a fun and educational manner. Like a flight simulator for finance and life, GoVenture Financial Literacy enables you to learn by doing. It's easy to use, visual, interactive, and exciting!  

Establish your life plan, enter your financial information job, budget, home, transportation, and living expenses and then live your financial future for up to 10 years. Watch your savings grow and shrink based upon the economy, your investment decisions, and your personal spending habits. What kind of lifestyle will you be able to afford? Try GoVenture Financial Literacy and find out!  

Practice your money management skills on your own, or against your friends and classmates. Gain practical experience so you have the knowledge and ability to plan your own financial future.  

Unlike any book, course, or seminar, GoVenture Financial Literacy enables you to gain years of finance and life experience in minutes! Play again and again every new simulation you run is different!  

Run an entire session of GoVenture Financial Literacy within minutes, or over an extended period of time. 

See below for product video and free trial.  

Online Subscription 
An Online Subscriptions does not have shipping costs and you will not be shipped any materials. You will receive an email with a Subscription Key. Use the Subscription Key to create a login account, providing you access to play the simulation at any time during the subscription period. A login account cannot be shared with anyone else. Before you place your order, be sure to review our Refunds, Returns, and Cancellations Policy available by clicking the ABOUT tab above. 

Choosing the right product for you
GoVenture Financial Literacy is the ideal introductory simulation. For a more comprehensive and customizable simulation try GoVenture Personal Finance

What you need to use this software
  • Internet connection 
  • Windows computer (any version) or a Macintosh computer with OS Classic or OS X prior to Lion. Not compatible with Mac OS X Lion or later unless you have software installed to play earlier software or Windows software. 
For HOME or INDIVIDUAL use only 
This licensing option is for home and student use only. For teacher, nonprofit, government, and corporate licensing and pricing options, please visit

Video and Free Trial
Watch the short video below then play the free trial

Getting started after your purchase 
Once your payment is made, an email will immediately be sent to you containing the details of your purchase and a link to access your SUBSCRIPTION KEY (Check your spam folder if you do not see the email).  Copy your KEY then go to and choose your product.  CREATE a new account and log in. You will need a Simulation or Group Number in order to play. This number will be provided to you by your instructor if you are using GoVenture for a course.  If you are not using GoVenture for a course, contact us to provide you with a number.

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